Benefits of legal identity

Les protagonistes impliqués :
  • Improved effectiveness of public policies ​ thanks to better public statistics (fight against poverty, education, vaccination campaign policies…).
  • Increased state revenues ​ with the expansion of the tax base.
  • Digitisation of public services.
  • Access to basic services​ : health, education, social assistance.
  • Employment in the formal sector​.
  • Banking.
  • Be a voter and be eligible​.
  • Right of ownership, possibility to acquire and inherit legally.
  • Protection against forms of human exploitation​ : early marriage, illegal adoption, child soldiers, prostitution, forced labour …
  • Banking​ : expansion of the market for mobile operators and banks.
  • Access to reliable national statistics​ : market knowledge attracts foreign investment and encourages business creation.
  • More efficient identification of the populations they serve.
  • Better individual monitoring and coordination of assistance provided to vulnerable people.
  • Better deployment of their activities​.